11 June 2012

Shyam Group: Shyam Group: Shyam Dairy

Shyam Group: Shyam Group: Shyam Dairy: Shyam Group: Shyam Dairy : Shyam Dairy Products is a venture of the vibrant multifaceted Shyam Group . It is the largest Dairy in Eastern ...

03 March 2012

Shyam Group: Shyam Dairy

Shyam Group: Shyam Dairy: Shyam Dairy Products is a venture of the vibrant multifaceted Shyam Group . It is the largest Dairy in Eastern U.P...

10 September 2011

Shyam Dairy

Shyam Dairy Products is a venture of the vibrant multifaceted Shyam Group . It is the largest Dairy in Eastern U.P. with a State-of- art-Infrastructure. It is both ISO 9001 as well as a HACCP certified Company. The present processing capacity of the Dairy is about four lakh (4lakh) liters of milk per day.
The milk procurement region of the Dairy is spread over many villages and extends to an area of more than 200 kilometers. Located in this procurement region are approximately 100 milk procurement centers. Each center is equipped with complete testing and chilling facilities and manned by trained technicians who test the procured milk to ensure that the desired quality standards are met. To ensure both freshness and quality, the milk from the procurement centers is sent to the Dairy in insulated tanks.
In the entire procurement process, no middleman is involved. The Dairy works upward from the grass root level dealing directly with the Farmer and Milk Man. The Dairy organizes workshops to educate the milk producing farmers about the methods to be adopted for the production of healthy and hygienic milk.
The Dairy plant in itself is a model of Hi-tech manufacturing facilities and operates in a totally efficient and hygienic environment. The raw milk when it arrives at the Plant immediately undergoes sixteen tests in the Lab. It is only after these tests are conducted, that the milk enters the Plant through the Silos and Balance Tanks for further processing.
The Plant itself is manned by highly qualified and skilled technicians. Once the tankers enter the Plant premises and the milk passes the required tests, it remains untouched by human hands during its entire processing and its conversion into the desired finished product.
The Dairy's products, are present in the Markets of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttranchal, Madhya Pradesh,Chhatisgarh,Bihar,Jharkhand,West Bengal and Assam. The Dairy's vast network involves over 50,000 farmers, 12000 Milk suppliers, more than 1,00,000 Retailers and Wholesalers. These cater to, more than six lakh end users.

Shyam Constructions

Shyam Group has ventured into Real Estate with Kanha Shyam Residency, a Group Housing Project in Kanpur.

Kanha Shyam Residency, a place to unwind, pamper one's senses and to cocoon from the stress and demands of everyday life, is a refreshing change in today's fast paced world, bringing all the conveniences at your doorstep.

Hotel Kanha Shyam

Located at Allahabad, Hotel Kanha Shyam offers business as well as exotic holidays in India.
Make the best of a business meeting or event by benefiting from our award winning facilities. You can plan your trip ahead and complete your reservation online now. Discover the cultural heritage and diversity of India while we make your stay a memorable one.

SBW Udyog LTd.

Mr. Shyama Charan Gupta started out as a trader, in the family business of dealing in tendu leaves which are used to make bidis. From a small village in U.P. state ; was born a large dream. So, in 1973, Mr. Shyama Charan Gupta set up a bidi manufacturing unit.

From a single unit, Shyama Charan built on his vision of an ever expanding network, until it is now a diverse empire with many  different business under its wing.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

While the Shyam Group's success story is built on the modern and an innovative outlook as well as a far sighted vision, the Group's founder Mr. Shyama Charan Gupta, Member of Parliament & ex-Mayor of Allahabad, has always believed in sound traditional values and high ethical standards.